Black Sails Season 2 Report Card: Grade It!

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That was one seriously intense Black Sails Season 2!

Several characters met horrible deaths and Flint's beloved Miranda was lost to him forever. Captains Flint and Vane fought over Nassau, yet ultimately joined forces when it mattered most. Eleanor was taken captive by the Royal Navy, and the Urca gold was finally claimed.

In many ways, this second season far exceeded our expectations. Below, we're going to break down Season 2, share our thoughts on the best and worst episodes, character deaths and plenty more in our TV Fanatic report card.

Captains Vane and Flint - Black Sails

Best Episode: There were actually quite a few incredible episodes this season, but we've got to go with Black Sails Season 2 Episode 10. The Season 2 finale was an epic conclusion and tied up most of the major storylines of the season. Flint found himself on trial, and enemies became allies when Vane, of all people, came to his rescue. Silver was tortured when Vane's crew attempted a mutiny. He lost his leg, which brought him a step closer to becoming the legendary pirate of Robert Louis Stevenson's Treasure Island. In the final moments, Max gazed surprisingly at the Urca gold setting up the cliffhanger for Season 3.

Worst Episode: Though there weren't any bad episodes, Black Sails Season 2 Episode 6 probably lingered a bit too long on Rackham. Obviously, Calico Jack is crucial character in this world, and watching him design the famous Jolly Roger pirate flag was a highlight. The series hasn't focused enough on Jack and Anne, so following their stories was difficult. However, after this season we know the characters much better. I think, this episode also had the misfortune of following the big Flint reveal. We all wanted to learn more about Flint, Thomas and Miranda so cutting to Rackham's growing pains was a little frustrating.

Best New Character: Captain Ned Low made such a strong first impression. He was savage and much more brutal than the pirates we had seen until that point. Sure, he was completely psychotic, but he was smart and calculating as well. He was the kind of villain we expected would be causing trouble all season. Imagine our shock, when Captain Vane took him out in Black Sails Season 2 Episode 3. Vane proved yet again, that he's one of the most dangerous and badass pirates in all of Nassau.

Most Underutilized Character: The season, Mr. Scott and Richard Guthrie are probably tied for most underutilized. Both characters were so prominent in the first season, yet didn't have much to do this time around. It's a shame too, because Sean Cameron Michael was so wonderful on this show. While Mr. Scott may still feature more prominently next season, Guthrie was viciously killed by Vane.

Most Welcome Return from the Dead: Obviously, the return of Billy Bones! We had not seen Billy since Black Sails Season 1 Episode 6 when he fell overboard. This season we learned he had been rescued only to be tortured by the Royal Navy. While we assumed Billy had struck a deal to turn Flint in, he remained loyal and grew quite a bit as a character this year. Tom Hopper is a fantastic actor and it was great to have him back on the show.

Miranda Barlow and James McGraw - Black Sails Season 2 Episode 4

Most Controversial Development: That prize without a doubt goes to the relationship between James McGraw and Thomas Hamilton. While the homophobic backlash was terribly disturbing, this storyline was intended to play out like that since day one. Many fans of the show complained the "gay agenda" ruined their favorite show and that the writers ran out of storyline so they went for a shocking twist. That said, the reality of the reveal made Flint much more flawed and damaged. His relationship with Mrs. Barlow made total sense, as did the murder of Thomas' cruel father. The fact Flint fell in love with another man did not make him less manly or badass; it simply made him more human.

WTF Moment #2: While Captain Low's beheading was a shocker, Richard Guthrie's death made more of an impact. Sure, Eleanor took off with his prize (Abigail Ashe), but murdering her father in retaliation was unusually cruel even for Vane. Eleanor never took Vane too seriously because of his feelings for her. Well, her father's murder is an act their relationship will probably never recover from.

WTF Moment #1: This one goes to Mrs. Barlow's devastating death scene. Earlier in the installment, Miranda stood up aggressively from her seat and Colonel Rhett threatened to shoot her. That should have been a red flag that the man meant business. Still, when she threatened Lord Ashe upon realizing he was single-handedly responsible for ruining their lives; that shot to the head was totally unexpected. It was a moment that not only changed the outcome of Flint and Ashe's negotiations, but meant James McGraw would be wearing Flint a little while longer. There have been many surprising deaths on Black Sails, but Mrs. Barlow's was a genuine shocker.

Hopes for Black Sails Season 3: Only that the storytelling continue to be as solid and powerful as this season. The introduction of Blackbeard in Season 3 should add an interesting new dynamic to the show. The actors on this series are phenomenal, we hope the writers continue to challenge them to take risks. We expect plenty more twists and shocking deaths next year as well. Will Flint and Vane's team up last? Will Rackham and company keep the gold? All we know for certain is, it's going to be a long ten months until the show returns in 2016.

Overall Grade: A.

YOUR turn, mateys! What grade would you give Black Sails Season 2?

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Black Sails Quotes

Silver: Hang on, you're serious about taking the ship?
Flint: What the f**ck did you think?
Silver: I thought this was how you intended to escape.

There's no way of approaching that beach from the land. And even if it weren't for the soldiers, and even if it weren't for the guns; there's a f**king warship watching over every inch of the bay. A f**king warship that's already killed half your number. A f**king warship that will prevent any approach to that beach via the sea. There's simply no way of stealing that gold. But there might be something else you can steal. The f**king warship.