Throwback Thursday: 13 Child Stars of the 90s

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It's Throwback Thursday and we're heading back to the 1990s again. Hey, it was a popular decade!

After all, we all know the popular internet meme, "Only 90s Kids Remember," but do you really?

Do you remember those adorable faces that showed up on your TV screens every week, and would you even recognize them now? Some of you might even be too young to have watched these shows live, but that's what reruns are for, right?

Child stars often have tragic endings, brought on by the stress of show biz and the bizarre way they grow up in the public eye. But sometimes they come out on top, free and clear of all the drama and heartbreak.

Take a look at our list of 13 child stars you loved 20 years ago (20 YEARS? OMG WE'RE SO OLD!) and what they're up to these days.

Whether they ended up battling drugs and anorexia, or they're crushing it at the box office to this day, these kids will always hold a special place in our hearts. We grew up alongside them, and they were our role models, playmates, and imaginary friends.

This is the shortlist in a never ending supply of famous youths, so be sure to sound off with your favorite 90s child star in comments below!

Who did we miss? Which other sitcoms did you obsess over in your formative years?

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