Throwback Thursday: 13 Classic Season Finale Cliffhangers

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The end of a season can feel like the end of an era sometimes.

But while the following eras might have ended, we're bringing them back for posterity purposes. You youngins don't know what you're missing!

We've already brought you some of our more recent season finale favorites, but what about those from long ago? It's Throwback Thursday and we're looking at endings. Again. See? We had these hidden up our sleeves!

Ranging from the rockin' 80s to just a few years back, we dug through the biggest shockers and nail biters of TV history to bring you this list of cliffhangers. 

For your viewing pleasure, here are some the greatest OMG moments from yesteryear. 

Get ready for some serious nostalgia because these picks are sure to be a blast from the past. Literally. We've got mortal wounds, hot hookups, death defying explosions, and sometimes just straight up death. Nothing says cliffhanger like a killed off character! 

Be sure to comment below with other finales that left you hanging! There are decades of TV to choose from, people. Go wild! 

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