Watch Being Mary Jane Online: Season 3 Episode 5

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Did she do it? Did Mary Jane get back on the air?

What do you think? Of course she does! But onĀ Being Mary Jane Season 3 Episode 5, MJ goes to extreme measures to get her way, calling in the Rainbow Coalition for help after a sizable donation, and when they don't meet her expectations, going even a step further. One she realizes might have been too far.

Meanwhile, Niecy is still acting like a child, only now she's not only an adult child with two children, but one that has a job. When her mom comes to visit, she fully supports Patrick and suggests he doesn't let Niecy get away with as much as she has been lately.

Mary Jane's back on the air, but the ratings aren't what she expects. Will she ever be satisfied? Find out whether she ends the hour with a smile or a frown when you watch Being Mary Jane online right here via TV Fanatic. Don't miss MJ's big return to primetime!

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