Watch Once Upon a Time Online: Season 5 Episode 6

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With the Dark One holding her heart, Merida was forced to try and kill Belle whether she wanted to or not. Would Rumplestitlskin step in to save is one true love? Would Belle have to save herself or was Merida's proficient aim with that bow and arrow simply too much for either of them in Once Upon a Time Season 5 Episode 6.

Ready and Aim and... - Once Upon a Time Season 5 Episode 6

It was clear that Emma wasn't fooling around in her quest to release the sword from the stone. She went so far as to try and enlist Zelena's help and even force Merida to become a bear!

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All the voices in my head, will be quiet when I'm dead.


Home isn’t a place. It’s the people in it. And they’ll always be with you.