Watch Being Mary Jane Online: Season 3 Episode 9

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Mary Jane feels the weight of the world on her shoulders as she struggles to let her family be there for each other while she steps aside.

On Being Mary Jane Season 3 Episode 9 she decides to take Kara's advice and put herself first, letting someone else in the family step up. It's very had for her to do, but eventually Patrick goes to get his daughter and Mary Jane's father finally realizes why he's really angry.

He waited too long and he and his wife never had the life they deserved. Instead, they raised their children and their children's children, never seeing the world or selling the house for their own private life after all of the adult stuff.

Mary Jane, meanwhile, gets Talk Back back on track with a skeleton crew, and takes some advice from Cece along the way. Is that the biggest mistake she's ever made? 

Find out when you watch Being Mary Jane online via TV Fanatic!

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