Rosewood Season 2: Eddie Cibrian Replacing Newcomer Brian Austin Green in Surprise Recast

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The drama on Rosewood Season 2 is beginning looong before the sophomore season hits the air.

According to TVLine, Brian Austin Green left his new role on The CW series in the middle of shooting the first episode of the season. 

Green didn't feel it was the right fit for him, and neither did the show.

Cibrian Green

Before the day was out, though, there is word of a replacement for the departing series regular.

Eddie Cibrian will step into the spot left open on the set. 

At least they were only part of the way through shooting the second season premiere, so hopefully there will not be to many reshoots involved.

The character in question is Aaron Slade, East Miami Police’s newest member with a mysterious past, who will both challenge and complicate an already messy situation between Dr. Beaumont Rosewood, Jr. (Morris Chestnut) and Detective Annalise Villa (Jaina Lee Ortiz).

Slade doesn’t trust anyone and hates the idea of partnerships and teams – which will keep Rosewood and Villa on their toes as they go to great lengths to figure him out.

As the team begins to investigate and uncover the real Aaron Slade, the twosome will also discover his storied past.

It's easier to see Cibrian cast as a cop, but more difficult to see him as a man with a dark past.

Maybe the character opens up a lot sooner than Green anticipated.

After all, the role is as a series regular, and you wouldn't think a policeman could be contentious throughout the entire season and continue to work in harmony with the team.

Hey. Don't go there!

There hasn't been any other news of note out of the Rosewood camp.

Cibrian's most recent television gig was on Baby Daddy, where he played Ross Goodson.

Cibrian's best television role, though, will always be as Russ on the ill-fated series Invasion from 2005-06.

It was an alien invasion series impacted heavily by the timing of the devastation of Hurricane Katrina.  

What do you think of this behind the scenes drama? Does the new casting work for you?

If you want to catch up with all things Miami before the premiere, you can watch Rosewood online right here!

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