Code Black Shake-Up: Who's Out?

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Code Black clinched an eleventh-hour renewal for Season 3, and the news is slowly trickling out about what we can expect from the new season of the medical drama. 

According to TV Line, Melanie Chandra will not be returning for the new season. Chandra portrayed resident Malaya Pineda on the first two seasons of the CBS series. 

Feeling Uncomfortable - Code Black

She was a series regular on the show, and there's no word yet on how she will be written out. If you watch Code Black online, you will know there was no conclusion for the character. 

The series made some bold casting moves before Code Black Season 2 premiered in an attempt to revamp the show because the ratings were not as high as the network hoped. 

Melanie Chandra

That meant Raza Jaffrey and Bonnie Somerville were let go, while Rob Lowe was drafted in as a new series regular. Lowe is expected to remain with the series for Season 3. 

In an attempt to fill the void left by Chandra's departure, Scream star Tyler Perez has been added in a recurring role as Diego.

The character is set to ruffle feathers because he has lived a privileged lifestyle and expects to have everything handed to him. 

Tyler Perez

With his first year residency given to him, he is even allowed to make a documentary about all the drama he faces in his first year. 

Let's hope the character does not boast about his upbringing because that could become tiring real quick. 

Also, former Nashville actress, Chaley Rose will appear in the Season 3 opener as a new resident named Pepper. 

The character will be determined to make sure she does right by her patients but winds up making a string of mistakes. 

Chaley Rose

One of the mistakes results in one of her patients almost dying. Does that mean she's tapped as a guest star for a reason? Will she disappear after the first episode?

Over to you, Code Black Fanatics. What do you think of the news?

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