Why Julie and the Phantoms Should Be Your Next Binge!

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The premise of Julie and the Phantoms goes like this: a girl who recently lost her mother and her passion for music is surprised by three ghosts who reignite the musician in her, and as a result, they form a band.

Sounds a bit cheesy, right?

Well, it is, but cheesy is just another word for heartwarming and full of hope and inspiration, which is exactly the thing we all need right about now.

Plus the show hails from the genius that is Kenny Ortega, whose movies never fail to make people smile.

Julie and the Phantoms Lead

Arguably for all ages, Julie and the Phantoms has been a hit with audiences who love the show for not only its music, but for the chemistry between the characters, and the uplifting storylines.

With each episode being around thirty minutes, it's easy to get lost in the music and binge the entire show in one sitting.

And there's nothing better than losing yourself in a television show, right?

One minute, you'll be laughing at something Reggie said, and the next, you'll be dancing along to the music or maybe even crying during a heartfelt scene. This show makes you feel all of the emotions.

Julie and the Phantoms Singers

Julie and the Phantoms starts off by killing three of its main characters in a, let's just say, cringe-worthy way. Ergo, they become the ghosts that Julie meets.

Also, at the beginning of the series, we learn that Julie has recently lost her mom, someone who taught her everything she knew about music and constantly inspired her.

As a result, Julie stops playing music and loses her joy for performing. It's all quite sad until the three ghosts -- Luke, Alex, and Reggie -- show up in her garage and reignite her passion for music.

They form a band -- Julie and the Phantoms -- and the rest is history.

Of course, there are a few bumps along the way; the band is made up of a teenage girl and three teenage boy ghosts, after all. Nothing can be easy in that situation. But you will be glad to take the journey with them.

The Band - Julie and the Phantoms

Aside from the individual storylines and struggles, the music is the heart of the show. And, man, is it good.

If you were a fan of High School Musical, then you'll love the Julie and the Phantoms soundtrack. If you weren't a fan of High School Musical, you'll still love the soundtrack. But who doesn't like a good musical?

The lyrics are great, and they smartly align with whatever the characters are going through in the particular episode. You'll notice that the episodes are named after one of the songs.

There are a few ballads that make you cry and a whole lot of pop songs that will get you up an dancing.

But the best song, by far, on the album and on the show is "Unsaid Emily," performed by Charlie Gillespie, who plays Luke. I would be shocked if you didn't shed at least one tear during this song.

Julie Molina - Julie and the Phantoms

Another great aspect of the show is the representation and diversity in its characters. Plus, most of the actors actually look the age of the characters they are playing.

Casting plays a huge role in whether or not a series succeeds, and the casting department of Julie and the Phantoms knocked the ball out of the park.

Madison Reyes is perfect as Julie. She expertly encapsulates what it means to be a teenager whose world was just turned upside down by the death of her mom and then again by the visitation of three ghosts.

And not to mention, Reyes has a killer voice that will send chills down your spine.

The three boys -- Gillespie, Owen Patrick Joyner, and Jeremy Shada -- are great, as well, along with Jadah Marie, who plays Julie's best friend, and Carlos Ponce, who plays Julie's dad. But the real star here is Reyes, as it should be.

Wake Up - Julie and the Phantoms

One of the best tropes on television is found family, and that's exactly what happens on Julie and the Phantoms.

When a group of people who share a common interest are thrown together by fate or destiny or whatever you believe in, that's when the magic happens.

Throughout the show, Julie, Luke, Alex, and Reggie grow closer until they're a family along with being a band.

The chemistry between the four of them is undeniable, and it's mesmerizing to see them interact and play music together. In the end, they each make one another better, and they're all very grateful for it.

Aside from Julie having her band to uplift her, she has her biological family with her dad and her brother, Carlos, to support her, as well. Isn't it nice to see healthy relationships on television?

Julie - Julie and the Phantoms

All of the characters bring something different to the show, but one thing they have in common is that they each instill hope in the viewers.

Yes, I know that, too, is a bit cheesy, but who cares? That heartwarming gush is what we all secretly want.

If the fantastic music, great cast, funny punch lines, and inspiring characters aren't convincing you to give the series a try, maybe the intriguing storylines will.

The mystery of why the three ghosts specifically showed up in Julie's garage, the unraveling of their pasts, and a sketchy ghost club owner are all reasons to watch Julie and the Phantoms.

You're welcome in advance.

I'll turn it over to you, TV Fanatics!

Have you watched Julie and the Phantoms yet? Are you now planning to?

And do you hope it gets a second season?

Let me know in the comments!

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