Home Before Dark Creator and Stars Tease Hilde's Emotional Journey in Season 2

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Home Before Dark Season 2 premieres on Friday, June 11, and there is a lot to be excited about.

We had the chance to chat with the series creator, Dana Fox, and its leads, Jim Sturgess and Brooklynn Prince.

The second season finds Prince's Hilde Lisko struggling in the wake of the Season 1 finale, when her story about her dad's childhood friend, Richie, hits a stumbling block.

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Hilde doesn't want to let go of her hope that she can solve the mystery of his disappearance, bringing peace to her dad with the resolution.

Her father, Matt Lisko (Sturgess), wants Hilde to distance herself from the mystery because he knows how much it hurts to chase a story that doesn't pan out, and he also knows that the more personal a story gets, the harder it is to pull yourself away from it.

He wants to protect his daughter, and you cannot fault him for that.

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Despite the caution surrounding the case from Home Before Dark Season 1, Hilde has a nose for news. The very things that make her a successful journalist at such a young age can also create stress on a child's life.

Matt and Hilde's father-daughter relationship is highlighted with Pop Pop's arrival into the household, as the two are spokes in the wheel of life that plays out with three generations of Liskos under one roof.

As always, Matt is there to help Hilde navigate unknown territory with a sense of security so that she can enjoy her time with Pop Pop.

In the interview, Sturgess and Prince discuss the effect Pop Pop moving in has on the family, on Hilde, and Matt, and how Matt supports his daughter as she continues to spread her wings with her friends, family, and stories in Erie Harbor.

Fox's enthusiasm for the show is infectious. It's no wonder since the show features a seamless transition between seasons, introducing a new mystery that unfolds parallel to the still-lingering mystery from the first.

She explains her process for planting seeds for the layered and nuanced storytelling and why it was important to her to deliver on the promise of the first season's cliffhanger while still opening new doors in Erie Harbor.

With Apple's support, she could create a show she would love to watch and make adjustments that enhance the story as it grows.

Brooklyn Prince Home Before Dark Season 2

She also talked about blending a superb mystery with a compelling coming-of-age story, and how in the case of Home After Dark, one does not transcend the other. There's room and appreciation for both to develop concurrently and as a result of its other half.

The writing team doesn't move plot point by plot point, but by examining who will be affected by what they include and how it will move those characters forward in their journey.

Fox uses the mystery's emotional arc to propel Hilde's journey through childhood and onto the next phases of her youth.

She also speaks to the challenges of writing for a young woman who is aging before her eyes, allowing Hilde to blossom into young adulthood as Prince herself experiences the same.

The creativity behind the camera plays out with the talented cast before in Home Before Dark's fascinating, dramatic sophomore season.

Will you be watching Home Before Dark Season 2?

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Home Before Dark Season 2 premieres exclusively on Apple TV+ on Friday, June 11.

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