Under Wraps Returns to Disney with a Remake: Get Insight from the Director and Stars!

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The Disney Channel is remaking its first original movie—the comedic classic 1997 Halloween movie, Under Wraps.

The film stars Christian J. Simon (Gilbert), Sophia Hammons (Amy), and Malachi Barton (Marshall), as three 12-year-old friends who accidentally awaken a mummy. They affectionately name him Harold and must rush to return him to his resting place before midnight on Halloween.

The trio narrowly escapes a group of criminals intent on selling the mummy to the highest bidder. When Harold is inevitably captured, Marshall, Gilbert, and Amy must band together to stand up to the criminals, face their fears, and rescue their new—but “ancient”—friend.

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Also starring in the film is Phil Wright as Harold, the mummy. Alex Zamm directed and wrote Under Wraps.

The film was just as fun as the original but added many modern and hilarious twists. It will be a new Halloween favorite.

TV Fanatic interviewed Christian J. Simon and Sophia Hammons about conquering their fears, becoming more confident, and their favorite parts of the movie, especially with Harold, the mummy.

They both thought the movie was great for other kids since everyone is afraid of something. Christian felt the movie really showed how you could conquer something together with your friends and hopes that it inspires other kids too.

Sophia talked about letting your guard down and making new friends to get you through life.

Both of them were enthusiastic about Halloween and the upcoming film. They loved working together and strengthening friendships in this coming-of-age Halloween film.

They also both loved working with Phil Wright, who played Harold, the mummy. He was so much fun to work with in all the scenes.

TV Fanatic interviewed director Alex Zamm about how this modern take differed from the 1997 original. He loves Halloween comedies with heart, so he was excited to take this project on.

While the remake is similar, they’ve modernized it with Harold’s reactions, especially in learning how to dance or dealing with electronics.

Alex also shared how they updated the mummy’s look with prosthetics and the special effects team that allowed the mummy to move around freely.

They found it important for Harold to show varied emotions so that viewers could see more of his facial expressions and his eyes in this version.

TV Fanatic also got to sit down with Malachi Barton and Phil Wright, who expressed enthusiasm about the upcoming Halloween film.

They wanted to add more comedy and sparkle to Harold in this modern adaptation. The dancing scene was a favorite scene of the actors.

The actors genuinely enjoyed working together, so their on-screen friendship was natural. They had met each other before this project, so they were excited to be cast together on this project.

They both shared some fun facts about the upcoming film, including Malachi’s involvement in naming Harold the mummy.

Under Wraps will premiere at 8/7 c on Friday, October 1st on the Disney Channel.

It will premiere on Disney Plus on Friday, October 8th.

OK, TV Fanatics, let us know if you watch this family-friendly Halloween movie with your children or if you watch it yourself for nostalgia.

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