The TV Fanatic staff is comprised of the writers and programmers:

M.L. House ( view all posts )
M.L. House
Position: Editor-In-Chief
Location: Grand Rapids, MI
Favorite shows: Lost, Modern Family, Friday Night Lights, Dexter
Fun fact: In freshman year of high school, petitioned Fox to keep Party of Five on the air.
The Barnacle ( view all posts )
The Barnacle
Position: Lead Programmer / Occasional Writer
Location: Lighthouse Point, FL
Favorite shows: The Venture Bros., HIMYM, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Chuck
Fun fact: Studied computer engineering instead of computer science to avoid English classes. Can you tell from his writing?
L.J. Gibbs ( view all posts )
L.J. Gibbs
Position: Managing Editor
Location: Beverly, MA
Favorite shows: Lost, NCIS, The Office, Gossip Girl
Fun fact: Used to boss around M.L. House as college newspaper Editor-in-Chief. How times change!