Aaron Stark is a key character on the ABC drama Flash Forward.

He's a hardworking power lineman who has been to prison and struggles with the death of his daughter, Tracey, who died a couple years ago in Afghanistan, where she worked as a medic. (Or did she?!?)

An alcoholic, Stark is a member of Alcoholics Anonymous. He sponsors Mark Benford. A trustworthy individual, Aaron is the person to whom Mark confides his deepest secrets.

Aaron Stark Quotes

If you're trying to prevent the future and save your marriage, the first step isn't keeping secrets from your wife and that's coming from a guy who's been divorced

Aaron [to Mark]

Even if this future stuff is real, maybe it's a blessing in disguise... Ghost of Christmas future crap.


FlashForward Quotes

I didn't just lose consciousness; my consciousness went somewhere else.

Mark Benford

We've been saying people have been blacking out, but that wasn't my experience. More like a dream.

Mark Benford