Adam Braverman is the older child of Camille and Zeek. He's pretty much the glue of the family.

Adam is an executive for a sneaker and apparel company. He works hard and is married to Kristina. They have an eight-year-old with Asperger's syndrome; and a daughter named Haddie.

Adam Braverman Quotes

Kristina: Max is, he's smart, and he's beautiful and there's so much potential and hope.
Adam: So what now?
Kristina: We start to work.

Max: Isn't the game today?
Adam: Well buddy I thought you were done with baseball.
Max: It's my team.
Adam: Games in 10 minutes everybody.

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Parenthood Quotes

Hi grandpa, I have pubic hair.


Zeek: No. I don't want the kids involved in this. We'll make the decision. You and me. OK?
Camille: OK.

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