Aneesha Malik was born in Dearborn, Michigan, to Syrian immigrant parents. Her devout Muslim faith defined her early life, but in college began to rebel.

Married for ten years to Ahmed, and despite sacrificing her ambitions for her family, things seem perfect but quickly change.

Aneesha learns a devastating secret about her husband. It's a secret that threatens to shatter her life just as the world may be coming to an end.


Aneesha Malik Quotes

Aneesha: Who do we have?
Sarah: Each other.
Aneesha: Who do we need?
Sarah: No one else.

Aneesha: Luke, you know the rules. 17 seconds.
Luke: Yeah, I know the rules.

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Invasion Quotes

Store owner: Hey. Who brought you here?
Sarah: My mommy. She's in the bathroom.

Mitsuki: There are people here who are in trouble.
WDC Thug: We're not here for them.