Cherokee Billy Crow is a small-time outlaw who finds Bass Reeves's story inspirational in the series Lawmen: Bass Reeves.

Billy Crow Quotes

Billy: Can I kill this crazy old fool, Bass? He's a goddamned blight!
Crazy Old Fool: There ain't no law here. This here's hell.
Bass: Until God say otherwise, I'm the only law there is.

Billy: Had it comin' the way I see it.
Bass: Course he did. Still don't make it right, do it?
Billy: Don't rain on me like that, Bass.
Bass: Silas Cobb was a drunkard, adulterer, and a thief, but a man all the same. Second I called out his name, that man was my responsibility. My responsibility.

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Lawmen: Bass Reeves Quotes

No garlands, no trumpets. Just us tonight. Such a sad homecoming.


George: It’s a damn confederacy of dunces, Bass. It’s not debatable, is it?
Bass: No, sir.
George: No, sir, indeed. Strike my tent, pack my gear. Pack the horses.