Carolyn Wilder is a formidable defense attorney in Detroit, a native of the Motor City and devoted to her community.

She has defended the criminal sociopath killer Clement Mansell in the past and, for the good of her friends, continues to defend him to her best ability.

She finds herself at odds with US Deputy Marshall Raylan Givens.

Carolyn Wilder Quotes

Carolyn: So, you were going to put a black man in the trunk of your car?
Raylan: If necessary, I would’ve put a white man in there too.
Prosecutor: Your Honor, the marshall is not the one on trial here.
Carolyn: Give me a minute and he will be.

Carolyn: Ninety-six degrees, Your Honor. With ninety percent humidity. [to Givens] So while you were having your leisurely lunch with your daughter, you left my client in your car.
Raylan: With an Orange Freeze and the window cracked, I might add.

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Justified: City Primeval Quotes

Willa: C’mon, Dad, I don’t want to do this.
Raylan: I’m guessing you’ll think about that next time you consider punching a girl in the face.
Willa: I barely touched her!
Raylan: You broke her nose.
Willa: She deserved it.
Raylan: That’s not the point.

There’s no such thing as ‘on time.’ You’re either early or you’re late. And where you’re going, we’re going to be early.