Caspar Morrow is a nerdy kid with epilepsy who is badly bullied in school. But when an unknown attack hits the U.K., Caspar, and his classmates have to figure out how to survive on their own.

Caspar Morrow is portrayed by Azhy Roberson on the AppleTV+ series Invasion.


Caspar Morrow Quotes

Jamila: Who are they? Oh wait. You drew this, right?
Casper: I must have. But I don't remember it.

Caspar: David Bowie.
Mitsuki: Someone called me that once.

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Invasion Quotes

Store owner: Hey. Who brought you here?
Sarah: My mommy. She's in the bathroom.

Mitsuki: There are people here who are in trouble.
WDC Thug: We're not here for them.