Dinah Marler ’s parents are Ross Marler & Vanessa Chamberlain, but that isn’t who she was raised by. Given up for adoption because Vanessa was a teenager, Dinah was raised in the carnival. She originally came to Springfield as a teenager...

PR and assistant to Harley Cooper at Spaulding Enterprises
Former CEO, Spaulding Enterprises
PR specialist (and assistant) to D.A. Jeffrey O'Neill
Former station manager of WSPR
Briefly worked at Lewis Oil
Former waitress at the nightclub, Kiyogi.
Formely mowed lawns for Sally Gleason

Unborn child (with Rob Layne; Deceased)
Miscarried child (unknown father; deceased)

Guiding Light Quotes

Harley: Did you buy or seel any small countries today?
Gus: No, that's tomorrow at 4.

Thank you. My favorite kind of food - the kind that sweats in the bag before you open it.