Joe Washington is a plumber in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Wife of Angela, and father to Jennifer, Joe has lifelong friendships with Leon Montgomery and Benjamin "Touch" Tuchawuski.

Joe's average life is thrown into chaos after his father dies, and he discovers his father was working for the Russian mafia and stole 10 million dollars and a car from them.

Joe Washington Quotes

Joe: You hit like a ho.
Nicolai: Just warming up, Joseph. Just warming up. Saving my best for when your daughter returns.

Oh dear god, no!

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Average Joe Quotes

Dimitri: Where’s my money, Joe?
Joe: Fuck you.

Angela: Are you leaving, too?
Leon: Yeah. Cathy’s gotta get home and watch the Investigation Channel. It’s murder week.
Cathy: Everybody ain’t got to know my business.