Joseph Adama is originally from Tauron. But he emigrated to Caprica and changed his surname to "Adams" in order to avoid prejudice.

He's an established, influential defense attorney. However, his ties to the organized crime world are fairly well known; they helped finance his education.

Joseph also has a troubled relationship with his son, William.

Joseph Adama Quotes

Joseph Adama: She's a machine...
Daniel Graystone: She's a copy... a perfect copy...
Joseph Adama: You can't copy her soul...

It's about us, finding out who you are. It's about being Tauron, being part of a family.


Caprica Quotes

You can see your daughter again. Isn't that worth whatever price you have to pay?

Daniel Graystone

Sometimes faith can be a victim of chance.

Sister Clarice Willow