Madeline "Maddie" Coleman is a character on As The World Turns. She is played by actress Alexandra Chando.

She is the youngest in a family of eight children. Her older brother Henry Coleman, is her best friend and the only person who payed attention to her while she was growing up. Her older sister Eve Browning, turned out to be "The Slasher" (an insane serial killer) in September 2006.

Maddie first appeared in Oakdale in the summer of 2005. She wanted to fix her brother Henry's relationship with his soon to be ex-wife, Katie. That did not work. Later, she moved into Katie's sisters house (Margo). She started going out with Margo's son, Casey Hughes.


* Henry Coleman (brother)
* Eve Browning (sister)
* Louis Browning (brother in law, deceased)
* Bernadette Coleman (sister)

Love interests

* Casey Hughes (Boyfriend, jailed)
* Nate Bradley (dated, deceased)


* Will Munson
* Gwen Norbeck Munson
* Casey Hughes (Boyfriend, jailed)
* Luke Snyder

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As the World Turns Quotes

Noah: You know if I do stay here, I do have one condition
Luke: Oh yeah? Whats that?
Noah: You better not hog all the covers.

Noah: Do you just not like me?
Luke: No, I like you Noah.
Noah: Then why do you keep pushing me away?
Luke: Because...I like you Noah.
Noah looks surprised.
Luke: Yeah, like that.