Officer Matt Parkman discovers his power when he stumbles upon a crime scene with the detective unit. While the FBI agents look for a young girl in which a vicious murder was committed, Parkman just keeps hearing, "don't hurt me." He follows the voice to a cabinet under the stairs, and the child is found and brought to safety.

Because of this ability, Parkman is put on a case to help find Sylar, a serial killer who has defied detectives with his lack of clues and motive. Although Parkman is happy to finally get some respect from his department, he still struggles with his newfound ability, and more importantly, with his marriage.

As Parkman works to restore his wife's faith in him, he finds out that she has cheated on him with his partner, and that she is expecting a baby.

Matt Parkman Quotes

Janice Parkman: I don't know what to say!
Matt Parkman: How about 'pass the salad'?

Matt Parkman: What do you want from me?
Mr. Bennet: We wanna know more about you.

Heroes Quotes

Mohinder Suresh: Evolution is an imperfect, and often violent process. Morality loses it's meaning. The question of good and evil, reduced to one simple choice: Survive? Or perish?

Claire: My dad lied to me about my entire life; my biological parents, my ability, you can’t just hide things like that! There’s got to be something on there.
Zack: If your dad’s the guy you’re describing I don’t think he’s gonna keep his secrets on the family computer.

Heroes Music

  Song Artist
Song Road to Joy Bright Eyes
Song Mustang Sally Wilson Pickett
Song I Want It That Way Backstreet Boys