Is Noah Bennet good, bad or somewhere in between?

While seemingly evil when we first met the step-father of Claire (Hayden Panettiere), it became apparent that Mr. Bennet was torn between his commitment to the organization out to uncover all the heroes... and his love for his daughter.

Given Clarie by Hiro's mysterious father - as an assignment to raise until/if she developed any strengths - Mr. Bennet grew to actually love his step child. But demands of his secret job took a dangerous toll on his family.

As Mr. Bennet was ordered to track down those with super powers, he tried to hide his special daughter. Eventually, forces collided and he was forced to give her away for safe keeping to his associate from Haiti.

Noah "HRG" Bennet Quotes

Mr. Bennet: Clairebear! How was school?
Claire Bennet: Very school-like. How was work?
Mr. Bennet: Very work-like.

Mr. Bennet: Here's my advice, if you'll indulge me: just keep things light and fun as long as you can, like cheerleading.
Claire Bennet: Being a cheerleader is hard work - hard, treacherous work.

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Heroes Quotes

Audrey: Most people wouldn't do that.
Sylar: I'm not most people.

Our lives as we knew them are over.


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