Phoebe is a student of Dr. Mercer

Phoebe Quotes

Phoebe: The airline discovered the pilot had been in treatment for depression.
Mercer: Not depression. A depressive episode. There's a difference.

If I want them to talk, I can't hover over them like a psycho with a clipboard. I've gotta blend in.

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The Irrational Quotes

Marisa: That ability you have to completely divorce emotion from reason is both why I married you and...
Mercer: ... why you're longer married to me.

People are irrational. But predictably so. They're more afraid of flying than driving, and the fact is, driving is much more dangerous. We know we should eat healthy food, but then we give in to temptation. Buy things we will never, ever use. We assume people are making rational decisions, weighing the pros and cons. For most of the time, we're not. Instead, we rely on instincts, which are almost always wrong. Sometimes, dangerously wrong. One error in judgment leads to another.