Say hello to Raylan Givens.

Played by Timothy Olyphant, he's a Deputy U.S. Marshal. FX describes the character as a "modern-day 19th century-style lawman." His style places a target on his back with his enemies, but also with his bosses.

Givens is based on the popular character created by author Elmore Leonard.

Raylan Givens Quotes

Come on Martha Stewart, just drop that.


Raylan: If you're going to talk, I'll put you in the trunk and drive myself.
Dewey: I can't drive handcuffed to the damned steering wheel!
Raylan: You'll get the hang of it.

Justified Quotes

Boyd: A man who speaks out of both sides of his mouth deserves to have it permanently shut.
Ava: Who said that?
Boyd: Boyd Crowder.

"There's a third option, we just get to it right here and you die in the car. Any takers? Ok, then.