Deputy U.S. Marshall Sherill Lynn is a lawman on the Paramount+ series Lawmen: Bass Reeves.

Sherrill Lynn is played by actor Dennis Quaid plays Lynn in the series.


Sherrill Lynn Quotes

Sherrill: You still believe in a Lord that let you spend half your life in chains?
Bass: Man made those chains. It was God who gave me the hope to believe in a future without ‘em.
Sherrill: Look what hope got him.
Bass: Prayers don’t hurt.
Sherrill: Well, that don’t help much, either. Let’s go. Where there’s one crooked vulture, there’s soon to be more.

You got three types of rogues around these parts. There’s the kind that steals horses, the kind that supplies whiskey, and the kind that’s happy to cut your heart out over both. Welcome to the Dead Line. You best load that antique of yours. Out here, there ain’t no laws, only outlaws.

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Lawmen: Bass Reeves Quotes

No garlands, no trumpets. Just us tonight. Such a sad homecoming.


George: It’s a damn confederacy of dunces, Bass. It’s not debatable, is it?
Bass: No, sir.
George: No, sir, indeed. Strike my tent, pack my gear. Pack the horses.