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2. Bashing actors and/or other users will not be permitted. Users are allowed to express critical views of a TV show's cast and to a point, each other. However, the use of vile language and unprovoked personal attacks, rather than criticism of opinions, will not be tolerated.

Moderators are expected to enforce this under a zero tolerance policy, but also to encourage open debate. Arguments do not necessarily constitute "bashing" until they cross the line into personal attacks. Show respect for our site and its users and you shouldn't have a problem understanding when that line is crossed.

Users will be given significant leeway with regard to sharing their views but action will be taken under the necessary circumstances. A warning may be issued when content is in any way questionable, or accounts may be deleted outright.

After two warnings, accounts will be deleted for repeated violations.

Bottom line: Be respectful. Not everyone is going to agree with you at all times. Have at it with each other but do not let it get out of hand.

3. If you have a problem with any content or another user, please attempt to sort it out yourselves. If that is simply not possible, contact a moderator to discuss the problem. If you have a problem with a moderator, contact the TVF Fanatic staff. NOTE: A problem does not constitute the moderator disagreeing with your opinions. Serious issues only please.

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