Hey Beauty and the Beast fanatics, we regret to inform you that we've shut down the Beauty and the Beast forum.

We have met the true beast -- spam. It's as if it's from the heart of Muirfield itself, all black and nasty and annoying to those of us who like to have fun on a forum. Spambots are even more annoying than trolls, because you can't talk back.

We thought it over and decided that since we have great threaded conversations on the site now (with notifications of new comments), and constant moderation to get rid of both spam and trolls, we should give up the forums and transfer the lively discussions to a more comfortable spot.

There are no fans more passionate than the Beauty and the Beast fans. You're beasties of the best variety. We want you to feel comfortable expressing any concerns you may have by contacting webmaster at tv fanatic dot com.

We know that and we hope you check out the latest information about Beauty and the Beast so you can find a great post to start chatting.

Hopefully you can be just as happy in the posts using Disqus as you are here. In the meantime, you can watch Beauty and the Beast online while you wait for the series to return!