Sorry Glee fanatics, we've shut down the Glee forums.

There is nothing gleeful about this decision, allow me to assure you of that. We've realized that your forum experience has been tainted by spam and we're not able to moderate it to the point it can remain a fun place to chat.

Going into the last year of Glee, we want you to have fun with the show and not have to worry about pains in the butt bursting into every conversation. We respect you too much for that. You're loyal and we appreciate you.

Our post conversations can now become very lively with threaded conversations and notifications of new comments, so we hope you'll look through the Glee content and find somewhere soft to land. Glee Season 6 is about to take the world by storm and we want you to talk about it.

All the latest and greatest news will be there and we sincerely hope you'll be happy moving your conversations over there. 

We know this transition won't be easy, so if you have questions or any concerns at all, please contact us at webmaster at tv fanatic dot com and we'll do our best to answer.

In the meantime you can watch Glee online to prepare for the final season. Thank you again for being loyal TV Fanatics!