Sorry Revenge fanatics. We've shut down the Revenge forum.

If you want vengeance against someone, please hunt down those pesky individuals and bots who litter our worlds with spam. It is because of them that we decided to move on from the forums.

Since we do have a wonderful discussion system in place on individual posts on the main site, we hope the transition from one spot to another won't be too terrible. 

Your conversations are moderated so you are free from spam and trolls. You can also get notifications from the threads when a new comment is posted so you don't have to be in the conversation to keep an eye on it. The system does the work for you.

We love our readers and your loyalty means the world to us. If there comes an opportunity for us to attack the idea of forums differently in the future, we most certainly will.

For now, please check out all of the information we have on Revenge Season 4 and jump into the fray. 

If you have any questions or concerns about the changes, feel free to email us at webmaster at tv fanatic dot com.

Remember, you can always watch Revenge online for the latest and greatest!