Much like the CW, we're shutting down The Secret Circle. Forum that is.

The decision to do this isn't because we dislike the show or wish you to stop conversations, we just lost control of the spam. Spam ruins everything and The Secret Circle is no exception.

Well, spam and that pesky cancelation. That was something even moderation couldn't have fixed.

We have really enjoyed your participation in the forums and the lively discussions. Hopefully some of you have found new homes with your Secret Circle stars on The Originals or Teen Wolf.

We have very lively conversations on posts over at the main site. You should drop by. Shelley Henning takes a beating quite frequently by people who don't appreciate her work on Teen Wolf. Come and defend the honor of the greatest witches The CW had on in a very long time.

We realize this was a place of security and happiness for those of you who carried a torch for The Secret Circle. If we didn't shut down all of the forums, this would have remained.

We think the world of you and hope you stick around. If you have questions or concerns about the change, please email us at webmaster at tv fanatic dot com.