The Chef's Mission
Watch Archer Season 4 Episode 7
"Live and Let Dine"
Original Air Date:

Archer, Cyril, and Lana end up undercover in a celebrity chef's kitchen on Archer.

German History
Watch Community Season 4 Episode 4
"Alternative History of the German Invasion"
Original Air Date:

The Greendale Seven battle a group of German students for control of the study room, on Community.

Hank Returns From India
Watch Zero Hour Season 1 Episode 3
Original Air Date:

Hank returns from India and begins to suspect that his parents know more than they're saying on Zero Hour.

Cam & Mitch Are Best Men
Watch Modern Family Season 4 Episode 17
"Best Men"
Original Air Date:

Mitchell and Cameron are asked to be the Best Men when a friend gets married while Phil gives his son advice on romance on Modern Family.

Severide & Shay
Watch Chicago Fire Season 1 Episode 17
"Better to Lie"
Original Air Date:

Chief Boden and Severide's father argue over a the death of a former colleague and Shay makes a decision about her future on Chicago Fire.

Malcolm in Trouble
Watch Arrow Season 1 Episode 16
"Dead to Rights"
Original Air Date:

Deadshot is back! Diggle and Arrow learn of his next target on this key episode.

The Replicator Returns
Watch Criminal Minds Season 8 Episode 16
"Carbon Copy"
Original Air Date:

Has the BAU's stalker returned when victims resembling the Replicator's turn up in Philadelphia on Criminal Minds.

The Zombie Investigation
Watch Supernatural Season 8 Episode 16
"Remember the Titans"
Original Air Date:

Sam and Dean are stumped when the man their investigating in a zombie case ends up being attacked by Artemis.

Detectives In the Middle
Watch Law & Order: SVU Season 14 Episode 16
"Funny Valentine"
Original Air Date:

A popular singer refuses to help police after her famous boyfriend assaults her on Law & Order: SVU.

The Tabloids Attack
Watch Nashville Season 1 Episode 14
"Dear Brother"
Original Air Date:

Juliette throws a surprise party for Deacon but her performance goes awry while Rayna sings with other stars on Country music on Nashville.