Watch One Tree Hill Season 2 Episode 13
"The Hero Dies In This One"
Original Air Date:

When "The Wreckers" perform at TRIC, Haley realizes her passion is to pursue her music career. Lucas decides to move in with Dan, strain...

Watch Two and a Half Men Season 2 Episode 15
"Smell the Umbrella Stand"
Original Air Date:

Alan starts to worry too much about a medical procedure he's about to get, so Charlie tries to distract him by going to Vegas.

J.D. and Turk On Line
Watch Scrubs Season 4 Episode 15
"My Hypocritical Oath"
Original Air Date:

J.D. falls for a bartender Kylie (Chrystee Pharris), and can't reveal her new boyfriend has an STD; Cox awaits the LAkers / Heat game but must watch it after his shift and the Janitor messes with him.

Watch One Tree Hill Season 2 Episode 12
"Between Order and Randomness"
Original Air Date:

Nathan comes clean with Haley about his past relationship with Taylor, although Haley continues to email Chris without telling Nathan and...

Watch Two and a Half Men Season 2 Episode 14
"Those Big Pink Things with Coconut"
Original Air Date:

Charlie and Alan throw out Evelyn when she insults the way Alan is raising Jake. When their mom ends up the hospital, they're not sure if it's real or a ploy to get back their affection.

Burning Love Picture
Watch Arrested Development Season 2 Episode 9
"Burning Love"
Original Air Date:

Michael persues his old high school crush and daughter of their competitor, Sally Sitwell; Lindsay tries to seduce a right-wing actor by wearing her mother's furs.

Colin Farrell on Scrubs
Watch Scrubs Season 4 Episode 14
"My Lucky Charm"
Original Air Date:

A man in a bar fight (Colin Farrell) teaches J.D. and Turk about living life to the fullest; Elliot and Carla find their friendship strained; Cox gets a vasectomy behind Jordan's back.

Watch One Tree Hill Season 2 Episode 11
"The Heart Brings You Back"
Original Air Date:

Haley is surprised when her older sister Taylor comes to town, but not as shocked as Nathan, who recognizes Taylor from a past tryst. Br...

Watch Desperate Housewives Season 1 Episode 13
"Your Fault"
Original Air Date:

When Lynette's father-in-aw, Rodney Scavo (Ryan O'Neal), comes to visit, she learns that he's been cheating on his wife. Susan is disturbed by Julie's romance with Zach.

Tobias is Queen Mary
Watch Arrested Development Season 2 Episode 8
"Queen for a Day"
Original Air Date:

The Bluth Company's stock is unfrozen, and Michael sells some of his share to buy a Corvette and Tobias uses his to buy a gay club, "The Queen Mary."