Crazy Carolyn
Watch Desperate Housewives Season 3 Episode 7
Original Air Date:

Carolyn holds up a supermarket while Lynette, Edie, Nora, Austin and Julie get trapped inside. Gabrielle and Carlos' war reaches a climax.

Watch Dexter Season 1 Episode 6
"Return to Sender"
Original Air Date:

This episode of Dexter is titled "Return to Sender." Read on for a brief recap of what went down on it.

Brian and Stewie in the Army
Watch Family Guy Season 5 Episode 4
"Saving Private Brian"
Original Air Date:

When Chris is approached to join the military, Brian goes to the recruitment office to argue them. While there, Stewie signs the two up for service. Meanwhile, Chris joins a goth band.

Watch The Simpsons Season 18 Episode 4
"Treehouse of Horror XVII"
Original Air Date:

The Simpsons' annual Halloween hodgepodge. Phil McGraw, Richard Lewis, Fran Drescher, Sir Mix-a-lot and Maurice LaMarche guest star.

Let the Angels Commit Photo
Watch Grey's Anatomy Season 3 Episode 6
"Let the Angels Commit"
Original Air Date:

As you can probably discern from the title, this episode boils down to commitment. This is especially true for Isobel Stevens, also know...

Watch The Office Season 3 Episode 6
Original Air Date:

Kelly invites everyone to a Diwali celebration so they can have a night out and learn about Indian culture and the Hindu Festival of Ligh...

Michael Scott and Holly Flax
Watch Ugly Betty Season 1 Episode 6
"Trust, Lust, and Must"
Original Air Date:

Episode 6 introduces us to a new love interest for Daniel, Sofia Reyes and we learn the story of why Ignacio never got a green card.

Watch 30 Rock Season 1 Episode 4
"Jack the Writer"
Original Air Date:

Jack decides to join Liz and her staff in the writers' room, but his lack of writing ability becomes all too evident and his presence end...

Get 'Er Done Photo
Watch Friday Night Lights Season 1 Episode 5
"Get 'Er Done"
Original Air Date:

A pair of dueling storylines open this episode: Tim and Lyla are making out at Tim's house. They've slept together; Voodoo and Coach Tay...

Better Halves Photo
Watch Heroes Season 1 Episode 6
"Better Halves"
Original Air Date:

Just when you think Mr. Bennet might actually be okay, and that evil is just his day job, he sets up daughter Claire to meet her "bio-pa...