Grampa and Beatrice
Watch The Simpsons Season 2 Episode 17
"Old Money"
Original Air Date:

Grampa falls for an old woman, Beatrice Simmons and when he goes to celebrate her birthday, Homer drags him away. Bea ends up dying that night, and Grampa blames Homer for costing him their final moments together.

Obedience School
Watch The Simpsons Season 2 Episode 16
"Bart's Dog Gets an F"
Original Air Date:

When Santa's Little Helper destroys everything in the house, Homer sends him to obedience school. Just when the dog is about to fail out of obedience school, he bonds with Bart and passes.

Herbert Powell
Watch The Simpsons Season 2 Episode 15
"Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?"
Original Air Date:

Grampa tells Homer he has a half-brother, who he tracks down. He learns his brother is Herbert Powell (Danny DeVito), the head of a car manufacturer in Detroit. Herbert lets Homer design his own car which bankrupts the company.

Skinner and Patty
Watch The Simpsons Season 2 Episode 14
"Principal Charming"
Original Air Date:

Selma begs Marge to help her find a husband. When Bart gets in trouble, Homer has to talk to Principal Skinner who he decides to set up with Selma, only he falls for Patty instead.

The Phone Message Pic
Watch Seinfeld Season 2 Episode 4
"The Phone Message"
Original Air Date:

George gets angry when his girlfriend, Carol, doesn't return his calls and leaves nasty voicemail messages. When he learns she's on vacation, he and Jerry break into her apartment to clear the machine.

Homer Steals Cable
Watch The Simpsons Season 2 Episode 13
"Homer vs. Lisa and the 8th Commandment"
Original Air Date:

Homer gets an illegal cable hookup and Lisa protests the stealing. When Homer's friends come over to watch a boxing match, Lisa's guilt eventually gets to Homer.

Inside Out Jacket
Watch Seinfeld Season 2 Episode 3
"The Jacket"
Original Air Date:

Jerry purchases an expensive suede jacket that he wears when he and George go to meet Elaine's father. He ends up ruining the jacket in an attempt to impress her father.

Young Homer and Marge
Watch The Simpsons Season 2 Episode 12
"The Way We Was"
Original Air Date:

In a flashback, Marge tells the story of how she and Homer met in high school in 1974. The two meet in attention and Homer asks Marge to be his date to prom, but she ends up going with Artie Ziff (Jon Lovitz) instead.

The Pony Remark Pic
Watch Seinfeld Season 2 Episode 2
"The Pony Remark"
Original Air Date:

At his aunt's dinner, Jerry makes a comment about hating anyone that grew up with a pony, possibly leading to her death. Kramer and Jerry bet whether he'll add a new level to his apartment.

Homer vs the Blowfish
Watch The Simpsons Season 2 Episode 11
"One Fish, Two Fish, Blowfish, Blue Fish"
Original Air Date:

When the Simpsons go to a sushi bar, Homer decides to try Fugu, a poisonous fish if not cut properly. Homer ends up going to the hospital and told he has 22 hours to live and tries to live his life to the fullest.