Watch Two and a Half Men Season 4 Episode 21
"Tucked, Taped and Gorgeous"
Original Air Date:

Alan and Charlie re-examined their sexuality after Alan becomes friends with Greg, a homosexual. Jake has a crush on Greg's daughter.

.07% Photo
Watch Heroes Season 1 Episode 19
Original Air Date:

Let's review this episode point by point: When Mr. Bennet, Matt, and Ted combine their talents to thwart the Company, Matt uncovers an i...

Gabrielle and Victor
Watch Desperate Housewives Season 3 Episode 19
"God, That's Good"
Original Air Date:

Susan calls off the wedding when she hears about the poker bet; Lynette takes Rich's advice instead of Tom's at the pizzeria.

Marge the Gamer
Watch The Simpsons Season 18 Episode 17
"Marge Gamer"
Original Air Date:

Marge discovers the wonders of the Internet via a reality game called "Earthland Realms" where she discovers Bart is the game's best and most destructive player.

Watch Entourage Season 3 Episode 15
"Manic Monday"
Original Air Date:

An angry Amanda makes Vince an interesting new offer and Babs makes Ari fire a bunch of inept employees.

Watch 30 Rock Season 1 Episode 20
Original Air Date:

Sick of New York and frustrated with his career, Floyd contemplates a move to the Midwest and asks Liz if she would consider leaving TGS ...

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Watch Grey's Anatomy Season 3 Episode 20
"Time After Time"
Original Air Date:

Our history defines us. Cristina struggles with hers, as Colin Marlow says she's not the marrying kind, even as she plans to wed Burke n...

Lena and Petra
Watch Ugly Betty Season 1 Episode 19
"Punch Out"
Original Air Date:

In Punch Out, Daniel meets a very young model, Betty and Christina go clubbing, Wilhelmina seduces Bradford, Alexis looks for a secret room, and Constance tries to marry Ignacio.

Watch Two and a Half Men Season 4 Episode 20
"Aunt Myra Doesn't Pee a Lot"
Original Air Date:

Alan looks forward to Judith's wedding while Charlie and Myra continue their relationship.

Mike Saves Susan
Watch Desperate Housewives Season 3 Episode 18
Original Air Date:

Tom is annoyed at Lynette for hiring a former drug addict to run the restaurant; Edie and Carlos take the next step; Victor confesses his love to Gabrielle.