Covert Mission - The Royals
Watch The Royals Season 4 Episode 7
"Forgive Me This My Virtue"
Original Air Date:

On The Royals Season 4 Episode 7, Cyrus meets an unlikely ally, while Helena begins a new chapter at a royal event where the press attacks Willow.

King of the Delta Blues - Timeless
Watch Timeless Season 2 Episode 6
"The King of the Delta Blues"
Original Air Date:

On Timeless Season 2 Episode 6, the team heads to Depression-era South to save the King of the Delta Blues who bought his musical genius from the Devil.

Headed to Silicon Valley - Billions
Watch Billions Season 3 Episode 5
"Flaw in the Death Star"
Original Air Date:

On Billions Season 3 Episode 5, Axe and Chuck fight for the loyalty of the same witness as Connerty looks for the truth, and Axe sends Taylor to Silicon Valley.

Next Steps - Trust
Watch Trust Season 1 Episode 5
Original Air Date:

On Trust Season 1 Episode 5, Primo and Leonardo mobilize the local community, while Little Paul and Angelo try to agree on their next steps.

On Investigation - Killing Eve
Watch Killing Eve Season 1 Episode 3
"Don't I Know You?"
Original Air Date:

On Killing Eve Season 1 Episode 3 Eve and Bill travel to investigate Villanelle's latest kill. Villanelle enjoys the cat-and-mouse of their proximity. But as they draw closer, Eve realizes it's more than a game.

Attack Of The Sewage Walkers
Watch Fear the Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 2
"Another Day in the Diamond "
Original Air Date:

On Fear the Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 2, a troubled survivor finds new allies; the life Madison has fought to build comes under threat.

Harry Langford Needs Help - Hawaii Five-0
Watch Hawaii Five-0 Season 8 Episode 21
"Ahuwale ka nane huna (The Answer to the Riddle is Seen)"
Original Air Date:

On Hawaii Five-0 Season 8 Episode 21, when a teenage British royal runs away while under his protection, Harry Langford enlists McGarrett and Danny's help.

Power Games - Dynasty
Watch Dynasty Season 1 Episode 19
"Use or Be Used"
Original Air Date:

On Dynasty Season 1 Episode 19, Blake and Cristal argue over whether CA will take responsibility for the health crisis that is hurting Culhaneā€™s family.

A Night Out - Blindspot
Watch Blindspot Season 3 Episode 18
"Clamorous Night"
Original Air Date:

On Blindspot Season 3 Episode 18, Roman's allegiances are tested, while the team must deal with a deadly threat that may put all of their lives in jeopardy.

Visiting Alice - Once Upon a Time
Watch Once Upon a Time Season 7 Episode 18
"The Guardian"
Original Air Date:

On Once Upon a Time Season 7 Episode 18, in a flashback, Rumple, desperate to be with Belle, pays Alice a visit, while Weaver finds the Dagger in the present.