Not According to Plan - Minority Report
Watch Minority Report Season 1 Episode 7
"Honor Among Thieves"
Original Air Date:

On Minority Report Season 1 Episode 7, things don't work out as planned when Dash investigates a murder on his own and Vega reluctantly recruits Arthur.

Runaway Train - Scorpion
Watch Scorpion Season 2 Episode 7
"Crazy Train"
Original Air Date:

On Scorpion Season 2 Episode 7, Paige and Ralph end up on a sabotaged runaway train and the team must figure out how to stop it before someone gets hurt.

Penguin and His Crew - Gotham
Watch Gotham Season 2 Episode 7
"Rise of the Villains: Mommy's Little Monster"
Original Air Date:

On Gotham Season 2 Episode 7, Butch takes Penguin to where Gertrud is being held while Nygma attempts to sort out what happened with Kristin.

A Relationship is Tested - Blindspot
Watch Blindspot Season 1 Episode 7
"Sent on Tour"
Original Air Date:

Jane and Weller's strained relationship is tested while the team faces a menacing criminal at a remote location on a brand new episode of Blindspot.

Sam's Partner - NCIS: Los Angeles
Watch NCIS: Los Angeles Season 7 Episode 6
Original Air Date:

On NCIS: Los Angeles Season 7 Episode 6, when Sam's former partner, Ruiz, disappears during an undercover operation, the team attempts to find him.

Jane Struggles - Jane the Virgin
Watch Jane the Virgin Season 2 Episode 4
"Chapter Twenty-six"
Original Air Date:

On Jane the Virgin Season 2 Episode 4, Jane tries to be a good friend to Lina while coming one step closer to figuring out who she wants to be with.

Floyd Responds - Fargo
Watch Fargo Season 2 Episode 4
"Fear and Trembling"
Original Air Date:

On Fargo Season 2 Episode 4, Lou comes to a realization, Floyd has a response to Kansas City's proposal, whlle Hanzee decides to take a road trip.

The Nice Guy - Crazy Ex-Girlfriend
Watch Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Season 1 Episode 4
"I'm Going on a Date with Josh's Friend!"
Original Air Date:

On Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Season 1 Episode 4, Rebecca decides that it's time to make healthier choices and decides to finally go on a date with Greg.

Supergirl - Stronger Together
Watch Supergirl Season 1 Episode 2
"Stronger Together"
Original Air Date:

On Supergirl Season 1 Episode 2, a threat to National City forces Kara to cast her doubts aside in order to capture an escapee from the Kryptonian prison Fort Rozz.

Party Time! - Vanderpump Rules
Watch Vanderpump Rules Season 4 Episode 1
"Playtime's Over"
Original Air Date:

On Vanderpump Rules Season 4 Episode 1,Lisa Vanderpump makes a vow: she's all about taking SUR restaurant to new heights. Can she pull it off?