The Town is Talking - Hart of Dixie
Watch Hart of Dixie Season 4 Episode 10
"Bluebell "
Original Air Date:

On Hart of Dixie Season 4 Episode 10, Wade helps Zoe with a life-changing decision before the baby is born. Meanwhile, Lavon attempts to make things right with Lemon after misleading her about their engagement.

New Enemies - The Blacklist
Watch The Blacklist Season 2 Episode 17
"The Longevity Initiative"
Original Air Date:

On The Blacklist Season 2 Episode 17, Tom tries to evade new enemies while the team tracks down a scientist who abducts disabled patients for immortality experiments.

Easy, Owen! - Grey's Anatomy
Watch Grey's Anatomy Season 11 Episode 17
"With or Without You"
Original Air Date:

Meredith tries to figure out what to do about Derek on Grey's Anatomy Season 11 Episode 17. Elsewhere, Owen is in for a surprise when his mom is admitted as a patient.

Olivia Versus Cyrus - Scandal
Watch Scandal Season 4 Episode 17
"Put A Ring On It"
Original Air Date:

On Scandal Season 4 Episode 17, Michael gets himself in a bad situation, prompting the Gladiators to launch into damage control and pressure Cyrus to move up the wedding.

The Gang Prepares - Archer
Watch Archer Season 6 Episode 12
"Drastic Voyage: Part I"
Original Air Date:

On Archer Season 6 Episode 12, the first part of a two-part season finale, Archer and the gang go on a fantastic journey.

Brennan and Fuentes Examine a Body - Bones
Watch Bones Season 10 Episode 11
"The Psychic in the Soup"
Original Air Date:

On Bones Season 10 Episode 11, Brennan and the rest of the Jeffersonian the team investigates the murder of a local psychic whose remains were found in a tree.

The Unhappy Doctor - Backstrom
Watch Backstrom Season 1 Episode 8
"Give 'Til It Hurts"
Original Air Date:

On Backstrom Season 1 Episode 8, the hit and run of a wealthy woman leads to a controversy involving her charitable work and Backstrom's doctor is upset by his unhealthy habits.

Ragnar Greets Kalf - Vikings
Watch Vikings Season 3 Episode 6
"Born Again"
Original Air Date:

On Vikings Season 3 Episode 6, Kalf arrives in Kattegat as preparations to raid Paris are underway. Both Porunn and Judith deliver children, but death follows closely behind new life.

A Crazy Week - Party Down South
Watch Party Down South Season 3 Episode 5
"Gettin' On and Goin' Off"
Original Air Date:

On Party Down South Season 3 Episode 5, Tiffany, Lauren, and Hannah have a bonding day at a nail salon, and prank war begins against Hott Dog.

The Bail Hearing - American Crime
Watch American Crime Season 1 Episode 4
"Episode Four"
Original Air Date:

On American Crime Season 1 Episode 4, Aliyah fights to get Carter a bail hearing. Barb and Russ's son comes to town to help mediate the situation.