An Epic Adventure - Archer
Watch Archer Season 6 Episode 13
"Drastic Voyage: Part II"
Original Air Date:

On Archer Season 6 Episode 13, the season finale, Archer and the gang aim to complete their mission and end their fantastic voyage.

Brennan and Booth Investigate the Murder of a Teacher - Bones
Watch Bones Season 10 Episode 12
"The Teacher in the Books"
Original Air Date:

On Bones Season 10 Episode 12, Brennan and Booth investigate the murder of an affluent teacher, and the students at the school are the suspects.

A Murdered Witness - Backstrom
Watch Backstrom Season 1 Episode 9
"Inescapable Truth"
Original Air Date:

On Backstrom Season 1 Episode 9, the SCU investigates when a key witness in a drug case escapes from a court-mandated rehab facility and is murdered.

Emperor Charles of France - Vikings
Watch Vikings Season 3 Episode 7
Original Air Date:

On Vikings Season 3 Episode 7, The Vikings set up camp downriver from the city of Paris to plan their attack. Meanwhile, within its impenetrable walls the population begins to panic.

Big Plans! - Party Down South
Watch Party Down South Season 3 Episode 6
"Between a Hott Dogg and a Hard Place"
Original Air Date:

It's another fun and dramatic episode this week on Party Down South Season 3 Episode 6. First, Lyle and Mattie come to terms with...

Matt's Funeral - American Crime
Watch American Crime Season 1 Episode 5
"Episode Five"
Original Air Date:

On American Crime Season 1 Episode 5, Carter is reunited with Aubry which leads to destructive behavior. Mark finally lets his feelings be known to Barb.

The Wedding Agenda - The Odd Couple
Watch The Odd Couple Season 1 Episode 5
"The Wedding Deception"
Original Air Date:

On The Odd Couple Season 1 Episode 5, when Oscar and Felix attend the wedding of a college friend, they both hope to prove something to their exes.

Emma's Past - DIG
Watch DIG Season 1 Episode 5
"Emma Wilson's Father"
Original Air Date:

On DIG Season 1 Episode 5, Lynn's life is in jeopardy while Peter delves into Emma's past and finds a connection to an anciet and long hidden symbol.

Jay's Birthday - Modern Family
Watch Modern Family Season 6 Episode 19
"Grill, Interrupted"
Original Air Date:

On Modern Family Season 6 Episode 19, it's Jay's birthday and Phil is excited to give him his super cool present, a high-tech outdoor grill.

The Real Reason - Chicago PD
Watch Chicago PD Season 2 Episode 19
"Get Back to Even"
Original Air Date:

Things get complicated when Voight's business card shows up in a suspects wallet which leads the team to question Voight on Chicago PD.