Callie Looks For Help - The Fosters
Watch The Fosters Season 2 Episode 10
"Someone's Little Sister"
Original Air Date:

Callie asks Robert for help when Rita and Girls United face a serious challenge on The Fosters.

Targeted By Assassin - Teen Wolf
Watch Teen Wolf Season 4 Episode 9
Original Air Date:

Lydia uncovers a family secret while and Scott and Liam are targeted at the lacrosse team's annual bonfire on Teen Wolf.

Fire at Southfork - Dallas
Watch Dallas Season 3 Episode 9
"Denial, Anger, Acceptance"
Original Air Date:

Relationships are changed forever after the fire at Southfork and John Ross deals with the aftermath of Pamela's overdose on Dallas.

Connectly with Julia - Under the Dome
Watch Under the Dome Season 2 Episode 8
Original Air Date:

Big Jim appoints himself sheriff of Chester's Mills while Barbie asks his father for help trying to connect with Julie on Under the Dome.

Bachelor in Paradise Suitors
Watch Bachelor in Paradise Season 1 Episode 3
Original Air Date:

Two new bachelorettes hopped on board this week. They went after Marquel.

Baby Fever - Jersey Belle
Watch Jersey Belle Season 1 Episode 3
"Upton Girl"
Original Air Date:

Jamie races from Los Angeles to make Arden's wedding - but rain threatens the event on Jersey Belle.

Tameka Raymond Picture - Atlanta Exes
Watch Atlanta Exes Season 1 Episode 1
"Meet the Ladies"
Original Air Date:

Tameka Raymond moves out of the home she shared with Usher on the premiere of Atlanta Exes. It's emotional stuff.

Don't Mind Us! - Keeping Up with the Kardashians
Watch Keeping Up with the Kardashians Season 9 Episode 18
"Secrets of a Double Life"
Original Air Date:

Khloe has a new attitude this week, thanks to French Montana. Elsewhere, Kris meddles in Kim's wedding planning.

Tracking the Volm - Falling Skies
Watch Falling Skies Season 4 Episode 9
"Till Death Do Us Part"
Original Air Date:

Tom and his team track the Volm in the hopes of fixing the crippled ship on Falling Skies.

Testing the Vaccine - The Last Ship
Watch The Last Ship Season 1 Episode 9
Original Air Date:

Rachel asks for volunteers to help test her vaccine but the side effect could be nightmarish on The Last Ship.