At Knott's Berry Farm
Watch Food Network Star Season 10 Episode 5
"Live Demo at Knott's Berry Farm"
Original Air Date:

The Food Network Star contestants visited Knott's Berry Farm amusement park on this fun episode of the Food Network hit.

The Espheni Plan
Watch Falling Skies Season 4 Episode 2
"The Eye"
Original Air Date:

Anne searches for her daughter while Tom must make an impossible decision concerning the Espheni plan on Falling Skies.

A New Bill?
Watch True Blood Season 7 Episode 2
"I Found You"
Original Air Date:

A hostage situation takes center stage on True Blood this week. Sookie and Jason, meanwhile, visit the town of Saint Alice.

Tension in Gitmo
Watch The Last Ship Season 1 Episode 2
"Welcome to Gitmo"
Original Air Date:

The crew comes under attack when they arrive at the Guantanamo Bay military base to collect food, fuel and medical supplies

Justin Theroux as Kevin Garvey
Watch The Leftovers Season 1 Episode 1
Original Air Date:

The Leftovers tells the story of those left behind after a mysterious event takes away two percent of the globe's population.

Reckless Stars
Watch Reckless Season 1 Episode 1
Original Air Date:

A defense attorney and a city attorney fight their instant attraction while battling over a sex scandal and police corruption in Charleston, South Carolina on Reckless.

Kiera's Unlikely Alliance
Watch Continuum Season 3 Episode 13
"Last Minute"
Original Air Date:

Kiera and Liber8 end up in an unlikely alliance as they try to stop a dangerous new technology from being unleashed on the season finale of Continuum.

Advice for His Daughter
Watch Girl Meets World Season 1 Episode 1
"Girl Meets World"
Original Air Date:

Riley joins a homework rebellion on the first episode of Girls Meets World. It creates a problem with her father, Cory. Check out our review now to find out more!

Here We Go Again
Watch Hell's Kitchen Season 12 Episode 16
"7 Chefs Again"
Original Air Date:

Two chefs struggle when the last 7 chefs serve members of Oxfam America, including Minnie Driver on Hell's Kitchen.

Preparing For a Raid
Watch Gang Related Season 1 Episode 6
"Entre Dos Tierras"
Original Air Date:

Carlos begins having serious doubts about his father's plans to reform the business on Gang Related.