Seperate Lives - The Affair
Watch The Affair Season 1 Episode 2
Original Air Date:

Noah and Alison's seperate lives begin to come together while the Butler estate prepares for their summer party on The Affair.

The Five Wives - My Five Wives
Watch My Five Wives Season 2 Episode 1
"Mending a Marriage"
Original Air Date:

My Five Wives Season 2 Episode 1 finds Brady and Nonie trying for baby number-six. Sadly, however, the latter fears that she will be unable to conceive.

The Doctor Is Trapped - Doctor Who
Watch Doctor Who Season 8 Episode 9
Original Air Date:

Clara tries to free the entrapped Doctor while fighting off a menace from another dimension on Doctor Who.

A Dangerous Gamble - Haven
Watch Haven Season 5 Episode 6
"The Old Switcheroo Part 2"
Original Air Date:

Fearing she'll be lost forever, Nathan and Duke take a desperate and dangerous gamble to get Audrey back on the conclusion of a two-part Haven.

The Religious Cult - Z Nation
Watch Z Nation Season 1 Episode 6
"Resurrection Z"
Original Air Date:

The survivors arrive in Province Town for supplies and end up caught in a battle between Major Williams and a religious zealot named Jacob on Z Nation.

Kendra on Top Scene
Watch Kendra on Top Season 3 Episode 5
"Girls Night Bout"
Original Air Date:

Kendra tries to enjoy a girls night on Kendra on Top Season 3 Episode 5. But then the rumors come up. And then the claws come out. Yup: cat fight alert, readers!

Death of a Hitman - Hawaii Five-0
Watch Hawaii Five-0 Season 5 Episode 4
"Ka No'eau (The Painter)"
Original Air Date:

Chin makes a huge sacrifice to help Danny get the money he needs on Hawaii Five-0 Season 5 Episode 4, while the team tracks down one hit man that leads to another hit man that ultimately leads somewhere they never expected.

Eddie Is Jealous - Blue Bloods
Watch Blue Bloods Season 5 Episode 4
"Excessive Force"
Original Air Date:

On Blue Bloods, Frank must decide how to react when Danny is accused of using excessive force and Eddie can't hide her jealousy when Jamie begins dating a beautiful doctor.

A Tenth of the Fuel - The Amazing Race
Watch The Amazing Race Season 25 Episode 4
"Thinly Sliced Anchovies"
Original Air Date:

One team suffers a massive meltdown on the mat while the dentist contemplate using their save during a grueling detour on The Amazing Race.

Kendra Gets Real - Kendra on Top
Watch Kendra on Top Season 3 Episode 4
"No Beef Patti"
Original Air Date:

On Kendra on Top Season 3 Episode 4, Kendra reunites with her mother. It's been a very long time, so how does it end up going between the relatives? Find out now!