Claire + Eric close - A Teacher Season 1 Episode 2
Claire and Eric get closer on A Teacher Season 1 Episode 2.

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A Teacher
A Teacher Season 1 Episode 2: "Episode 2"
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A Teacher Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

Eric: I’m not like these other kids. If I get this citation, I am screwed.
Officer Wilson: You should have thought about that before you started drinking.
Eric: Yeah, yeah, you’re right. Um, you don’t have a sister that teaches at Westerbrook, do you?
Officer Wilson: C’mon. Don’t make this difficult, all right.
Eric: No, Ms. Wilson. She told me about you. You were in the military, right? She’s my teacher, and she tutors me on the side sometimes. I know that this is a huge ask, but is there any way you could call her to come pick me up? Please, I don’t have anyone else I can call.

Eric: Your parents gonna be pissed?
Logan: My mom’s gonna kill me. She’s at a goop retreat. Not really sure what that is.
Eric: What’s goop?
Logan: I don’t know. But my brother got three citations his senior year, so compared to him this is nothing.