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Liz Lemon is the best, even if she's neurotic and a bit of a dweeb. We heart 30 Rock and its central character!

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30 Rock
30 Rock Season 3 Episode 8: "Flu Shot"
Liz Lemon
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30 Rock Season 3 Episode 8 Quotes

Kenneth: Mr. Jordan, Ms. Maroney. You wanted to see me?
Jenna: Kenneth, Tracy and I want to do something for the crew, you know, to thank them for being sick.
Tracy: We didn't know what to get them, but then I had a brain storm. It was a bad one, Jenna had to put my tongue guard in.

Jenna: We decided we'd get them all hot soup.
Tracy: So... go do that.
Kenneth: Oh, all the other pages have gone home sick, I can't make any runs right now. Maybe the two of you could go get the soup.
[long pause]
Jenna: I don't understand.