Song Artist Heard On
Puta madre brothers grandes pelotas del fuego Grandes Pelotas del Fuego Puta Madre Brothers iTunes
Joshua james the garden The Garden Joshua James iTunes
Franky perez and the forest rangers love is my religion Love Is My Religion Franky Perez and the Forest Rangers iTunes
Song Close To You David Isaacs
Franky perez and the truth the reckoning The Reckoning Franky Perez & the Truth iTunes
Pearl jam mind your manners Mind Your Manners Pearl Jam iTunes
Elon elon melt Melt elon-elon iTunes
Song Loser Blake Perlman
Mati zundel la montana en el medio del mundo La Montana en el Medio del Mundo Mati Zundel iTunes
The civil wars i had me a girl I Had Me a Girl The Civil Wars iTunes
Miz dopesick blues Dopesick Blues MiZ iTunes
Song House of Fire Tyler Bryant and the Shakedown
Kalen nash tell me you love me again Tell Me You Love Me Again Kalen Nash iTunes
Ehren ebbage and hannah miller sun keep on shining Sun Keep On Shining Ehren Ebbage & Hannah Miller iTunes
Chris goss and the forest rangers sitting on top of the world Sitting On Top of the World Chris Goss & The Forest Rangers iTunes
Nik ammar diggin my own grave Diggin' My Own Grave Nik Ammar iTunes
The forest rangers everyday people Everyday People The Forest Rangers iTunes
Song I Don't Have a Life Amy Loftus
Jennifer oconnor running blues Running Blues Jennifer O'Connor iTunes
Carly ritter this place aint our home This Place Ain't Our Home Carly Ritter iTunes
Jimmy rip and the trip slow southern ways Slow Southern Ways Jimmy Rip and the Trip iTunes
The warren hood band alright Alright The Warren Hood Band iTunes
Song Oh Love Oh Lord Jeff Crosby & the Refugees
Carla morrison me encanta Me Encanta Carla Morrison iTunes
Song Riding With the Wind The Charlie Brecthel Band
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Sons of Anarchy Season 6 Quotes

Giving up the Sons of Anarchy is going to be a very popular get out of jail free card.


I'm a dirty biker whore with a record. She's the good doctor. Does it really matter what I have to say?