Hello my fellow GG crackheads   My name's Lucinda and I've been addicted to the show since my friend first showed me Oh Brother Where Bart Thou? in our free period one day.  I went home and watched all the episodes back to back for a few weeks until I was caught up haha. And now I am obsessed.  My friends think I'm crazy, but that's ok because I love the show too much to care about that lmao. 

I'm in love with Chuck and Blair, separately and even more as acouple. One of my favorite things about their dynamic is how fucked upthey both are.  They have both been constantley judged their whole lives but together they can just be themselves and be accepted and loved for that.  Even when they fight, they appreciate the other person.  Plus, they are sexy as hell together and I cannot wait to see more hot scenes now that they're a couple! *prays*   And they're always so interesting and fun to watch no matter what they do.  They're Chuck and Blair, Blair and could it not be interesting?  The writersbetter remember that!  I could go all day about the many things that make them amazing, but I probably shouldn't haha.  Last thing I want to say is that Leighton and Ed are two of the best actors ever, and probably the best on tv right now.  They are going places. Their chemistry is so amazing it's tangible and they know how to portray any emotion thrown at them in any crazy scenario the writers think up. Bravo.  They are really what makes Chair Chair.

I hate Vanessa.  She's trolled on every good relationship the show has had!  Dan/Serena, Nate/Jenny, and Chuck/Blair.  Plus, she's a horrible friend and a hippocrite.  I could go on and on...but my rant is over because I'd like to keep this a positive profile page  

Chair is my only ship that I'm 100% crazy about but I also love Nate/Jenny!  I get that right now probably isn't the right time because their characters, especially Jenny, change a lot and aren't very in synch right now.  But I think they're meant to be and definitely want them back together eventually.  They're always there for each other and really have meaningful conversations.  Their relationship was built off a solid friendship and not just sex.  I LOVE how there have been multiple times when she called him, not her brother, not a friend, but Nate for help.  He's the one she can always turn to, and I think that goes both ways. It's also really cute how their first real interaction was a kiss even though it didn't mean anything haha.  They also both seem to care about the other person staying true to themself.  They would never force them to be someone else.  Nate was upset when he thought Jenny was being influenced by Blair's minions and tried to stop it.  She helped him with his tough situation with pressure to stay with Blair from his parents and encouraged him to follow his own heart and not others orders. Plus, romantically, their kisses were AMAZING, second only to the best of Chair imo.  And the letter. Need I say more? The looks they give each other are so adorable or meaningful and Taylor and Chace have great chemistry on screen.  He isn't always the best actor, but I thought he really shone during their various storylines together. I wish Jenny and Nate had had more of a shot.  The main reason I hateVanessa is for messing with them!  I've loved them since early inseason 1! I could go on but I won't.  I do understand why people ship Serenate, and even though I don't ship them, I do enjoy some aspects of them and I think that if I can't have NJ they're second best. I can appreciate that other ships have good things about them but it's still hard because I'm pining for Nenny!  I need them to have another chance!

The NJBC is the most amazing foursome ever.  The writers better realize that and get their act together to bring back the bromance between Chuck and Nate, as well as having more scenes with all 4 ofthem together!  Their dynamic is amazing.  I really want to see more how having Chair as a couple will affect that as well.

Long story short, I am obsessed with every part of this show.  The writing, the acting, the locations, the fashion, the music.  Even when it makes me angry or upset, I am still the biggest fan.  Chuck and Blair are my favorite part but I'm not one of those fans who only watches for them.  Every character (except probably Vanessa, but hating her makes it interesting I guess) is entertaining to watch and I've never once been bored by an episode.  LONG LIVE GOSSIP GIRL AND ITS EVER-REIGHNING POWER COUPLE CHUCK AND BLAIR!

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