Hey!This is Balaji





I Love the Music of GG,Chuck and Blair individually and Even More together as CHAIR.

I never thought that i would like GG this much or i would find two of my favorite actors of this generation here or i would find one of my favorite Love stories of all time here,from  a show  which when i started watching i thought was a chick show but i was pleasantly surprised to find not only deep,complex female characters but also well rounded deep male characters in GG[if anything Chuck Bass is the most well rounded and the best character now on GG] with whom i could relate to on many levels.And then from 1x07 onwards slowly but surely Chair grew on me and by the time 2x13 ended i was a full on Chair shipper.Thus to round if off I am a CHAIR shipper,I love the MUSIC and i admire ED WESTWICK and LEIGHTON MEESTER'S (I also find Leighton Meester damn sexy)acting abilites.


MY Other Hobbies include:-

I. Watching TV some of my other Favourite shows are 1.House,2.Supernatural,3.Prison Break(only season 1 TBH),4.The Amazing race,The Boston Legal,HIMYM,Scrubs,SYTYCDetc.,

I also watch History Channel alot,and sports a lot,my favourite sports are 1.Formula One,2.Soccer and, 3.Tennis.

II. I am a Complete Movie Buff i watch all kinds of movies it doesn't  matter which genre they belong to or which language they are in,if it is good count me in.Some of my Favourites of 2009 were 1.Bronson,2.Hangover,3.District 9,4.Star trek,5.The Watchmen just to name a few.

III.I am also a hardcore Video gamer,i Just love videogames it is a form of meditation to me.

IV.I am also a avid Music lover,again all genres of music when it comes to music it depends upon my mood really thats all otherwise no particular preference.

V.I also love surfing the internet,whether for fun or for informative purposes.Though i must admit i am new to the internet,blogs and forums and the like.It was only a few months back that i acquired true broadband connection in my home,so i am a novice in many ways but still i have been hooked to the internet so far.

Obviously there are still many more facets to me,but those are private and  i think this much information is enough to atleast get a loose impression of what kind of a person i am.


Peace,Love and Happiness,













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