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First published - August 2008.

Last updated - October 12th 2010 (no new opinions...kind of).

 I ♥ Juliet Sharp! She's my fav.


I'm a huge fan of Gossip Girl from Europe...precisely : from Poland.

I think that as all of the fans I'm a Chair shipper, but sometimes they need to be afar from each other, but now...I'd like them to enjoy what they have : the happy relationship. And I'm really excited about that...and I also know that the Chuck Bass wouldn't be himself if he wouldn't...let's just say play his old tricks with the girls - and it also make their relationship more interesting...but if he would cheat on her or if they would lose it son...I would kill him or them both! They [especially Blair! <3] fighted for it through the whole 2 season and they can't waste quickly!

Also I like really the Blate reunition in the 2nd season. They're also great together, they're so...I don't know, their feelings...and actions. They have such good chemistry. After all I like the Blate pairing because of the sparks and feelings between them, because in the previous seasons Chuck really didn't know what he wants...and Blair tried to fight for him, but he was a coward and...let's say asshole, so I really love Blair & Nate together...but I must say that if I have to pick between Blate & Chair I would probably always pick Chair - you know why. But Chuck really got on my nerve with his indecisiveness and cowardice. And now I'm happy that he finally made the choice!

And I'm also the shipper of Derena, but I like the way it is now that they're not seeing each other...but it's little weird. The things in the beggining of the 2nd season really didn't turn as I expected...and it's sad...but I also liked her next relationships, especially with Aaron Rose [am I the only one here?!] or even with Gabrielle [whom I didn't like, he really got on my nerves, and I really like Armie's Hammer acting, for example I saw him in my favourite show - Desperate Housewives, but in this role...I really dislike his character and his's weird].

I really liked the Vanessa & Nate pairing, but she really gets on my nerve sometimes...and it's good that Nate would find the new girl to be with - Bree. They need to be afar from each other right now..and I'm ok with that she would be paired with Scott - the R&L long lost child - even if after the season finale I didn't feel the sympathy for him...


Can't wait till September's coming forward!


Greetings for all the GG fans from Poland! I'll be updating my profile regularly.

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